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Last week was tough for e-cigarettes and vapers.

World Health Organization (WHO) held a convention last week in Moscow. After they’d decided to  dismiss the public – the same one that pays nearly 20M for them to convene comfortably –  they did the same with journalists. For more about what some of them had to go through only for trying to do their job in Moscow, read this article from The WashingtonTimes

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What’s the Secret to E-cig Success?

Why has this simple device with so many variations got so many users and proponents? Why does it have forums, supporters, even a political party? Why does its success dwarf the  products whose research and development was heavily funded by big pharma and their billions of $$?

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The text that follows is  based on my answer to a forum post. Nothing but a reply to a  typical set of misconceptions. Not the first time I come across thinking based on both lack of factual info and abundance of misleading. E-cigarette safety is one of those issues that gets craploaded with such reasonings. Yes, crapload is a noun. But I find its use as a verb in this context increasingly convenient. You see, there’s a group of people whose job (or a part of it) is to fabricate lies and then place them where many people can access them. More than once, until all we have is this logic:

e-cig invention from 1963, Herbert A.Gilbert

Time for another pearl brought to you by the Clueless Environmentalists’ Report


WSJ quoted a professor at the Research Center for Prevention and Health in Copenhagen as explaining that the e-cigarette industry “is really undermining all the progress we have made in de-normalizing smoking.”

Let’s do some reading between the lines here. If e-cigarette industry succeeds big time – no more funding for anti-smoking crusaders! This group is yet another one with great sounding slogans and results that are at least – well, questionable.The results in terms of real contribution, that is. On the other hand, their success in making third class citizens out of smokers in US and west EU is remarkable! Results in getting funds aren’t bad either, I suppose.


Electronic cigarette is a harm reduction product, invented way back in 1963 in USA. Only decades later, e-cig as we know it today was manufactured by one heavy smoker, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and his company. E-cig manufacture started in 2004 by Lik’s company Ruyan (“like smoke”). In 2006 it began finding its way in Europe, in 2007 it arrived in USA.

Of all the harmful stuff in tobacco – over 5000 ingredients and 50 carcinogens among them – electronic cigarette contains only nicotine. Not even that necessarily – there are zero-nicotine e-liquids sold whether in cartridges or in bottles, depending on the type of electronic cigarette used.
If you are a smoker and this is the first time you’ve ever read this, ask yourself – how come?